privacy-policy of RS All in 1 Online Store Rajshahi

What is our App is?

RS All in 1 Online Store Rajshahi is an Online Shopping Store, Home Delivery Service -Small business APP and we have just start up our business with our app. Our app is an online based app. Where people will create an account by giving some information(as need for user creation and delivery etc) and buy their needy products(like IT, Foods, Electric, Grocery ,Cloths etc) by placing their order ,if they want to get the home delivery service they will also get it from our app. Our focus is give our customer better service. In Bangladesh maximum people have android smart phone so we decided that we will make our own android app and we have made it, though it's not completed 100% but we are working on it. In our app some daily need to product will be available people, it can be any legal product from Any productive brand. Our app user will place their order as their need and we will deliver the order at the user home or where ever the user or customer need the product. Our product price will be as Company MRP Rate and our delivery charges will be very reasonable and faster delivery. Our app has built in chatting and comment and asking question system by these system user or a customer can talk to us very easily . Our chat service is always available for user but our delivery time will be limited. But an user or a customer can order their product any time and if they want to pay online they can. Cause we have also online payment systems. We are still developing our app and system and we will always do that. We expect everyone's support and co-operation for us. Thanks a lot and hope for the best. We hope everyone's support.

Which data we use

Actually When an user create an account on our app,They need to provide some
information.We need those information as a system of creating user,their shopping
details like cart ,wishlist order etc But in our database their information is stored for
security purpose as they are user of our company.We don't share our clients data to any one.
Which Data and Permisson We Need
*Network/Internet Permsion
*Location Map-For delivery customer's product and Track rider current loction.
*Camera Permission for QR Code Scan OR Taking photo of product or anything.
*Storage Permsssion for Send any Picture to Us to find out the Product or the any issue.
We don't sell user data or share our user data to anyone.
Our user data is very important to us.We don't sell user any data or anything to anyone.
Our app dosen't contain any ad
We don't show any ad to our user.
What you can do with app?
1.View products 2.Purchase Product with Home Delivery Service
3.Chat with support team and delivery team 4.Track order
5.Searching product 6.like a product 7.Comment or ask question for a product
8.Cart a product 9.Wishlist a product 10.Pay online or
11.Cash on Delivery for some product
How to create account from this app?
1.Give your own valid phone number (for sending any notification and contact and verification )
2.Give your own valid email address(for sending any notification and contact verification )
3.Give your first name and last name(for billing etc)
4.Give your address(for your city detection)
5.Give your date of birth and Gender (for showing which type of product you will show)
6.Give your picture (its for creating an valid account but not 100% compulsory)
For Children We have speical age detection system.If our app detected that the user is a child then our app will show the child just child products. we just promote child user only child related products.Near future we will do more about child privacy-policy protection.Cause we always take care about child
User Data Protections
we dont' sell our user data to any one.our user give those data which only for productivity so our duty is protect our user's
privacy and its our responsibility. and we will always try to give our user or customer technical and other support.
Contact Us
WebSite: https://rsallin1onlinestorerajshahi.com
Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/rsallin1onlinestorerajshahi
Email: info@rsallin1onlinestorerajshahi.com
Contact Number: +8809613-826199